Welcome to the South Texas USAFA Parents' Club web site. This association is a private organization for parents of USAFA cadets from San Antonio and South Texas. The parents association is used to provide news and support to parents and their families.

Next Event: New Officer Election

NEW DATE: Saturday, 26 Apr 2014, 5-7PM

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Here is the latest link to the 2014-2015 academic calendar.

Summer 2014 Transition Dates

31 May to 21 June - 1st Summer Period
21 June to 12 July - 2nd Summer Period
12 July to 2 August - 3rd Summer Period

NOTE: Summer period end/start dates are approximate, depending on program.

Summer 2014 BCT Dates

26 June - In-Processing, Class of 2018 (0645-1200)
27 June - Swearing-In Ceremony (0830)
11 July - Field Day (0630)
12 July - Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo
19 July - Doolie Day Out (sponsor p/u approx 0930)
21 July - March out to Jacks Valley (0630)
1 Aug - March back from Jacks Valley (0730)
5 Aug - Acceptance Parade (0900)

Collapsible Water Bottle with an Engraved Carabiner

Fits anywhere! 25 ounces of multi-function - it's a water bottle, it's an ice pack, it's a great gift!
Click on the envelope, print the form and order yours TODAY!

Water Bottle Order Form

Please note that all proceeds go to support the USAFA Rando Fund

Customized Greeting Cards


PERFECT for any occasion or as a graduation announcement! The Shoulder Board design is double customized: the 2nd Lt bar is embossed with your Cadet’s graduating year and it has the class motto on the back. The Parade Uniform is rich with metallic paper, silver ‘buttons’ and two, handmade tassels. The Hat Toss is customized with a $20 bill and the appropriate ‘change’ according to your Cadet’s graduating year. All cards are 4 ˝ X 6 ˝ inches, blank on the inside.

Order Form for Greeting Cards

Special thanks to Roz Malone, Barb and Norm Crader, Aurora Perkins, Nina Sirak and Neleatha Perry for helping create these wonderful cards on a Sunday afternoon at Mary O'Sullivan's house.

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